CION Investment Corporation

Active Offering Industry: Lender

Sector: Middle Market Companies

Minimum investment: $5,000

Offering Type: BDC

Offering Amount (Max): $1,000,000,000

Offering Amount (Min.): $2,500,000

Offering Price: varies*

Targeted Annual Yield: varies*

• Cion investments in prospective portfolio companies are risky, and you could lose all or part of your investment.
• Cion is a non-diversified investment company within the meaning of the 1940 Act, and therefore they are not limited with respect to the proportion of our assets that may be invested in securities of a single issuer.
• As required by the 1940 Act, a significant portion of our investment portfolio is and will be recorded at fair value as determined in good faith by Cion’s board of directors and, as a result, there is and will be uncertainty as to the value of our portfolio investments.
• Unless the fund experiences substantial net capital appreciation and realized gains, the purchase price in our periodic repurchase offers will be at a price lower than the price paid for your shares.
• The amount of distributions that the fund will pay is uncertain. Cion may pay distributions from offering proceeds, borrowings or the sale of assets to the extent our cash flow from operations, net investment income or earnings are not sufficient to fund declared distributions.


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CION was formed as an externally managed, non-diversified closed end management investment company that intends to focus primarily on investments in senior secured loans, and to a lesser extent, second lien loans and mezzanine loans of private and thinly-traded U.S. middle market companies. As such, we refer to CION as a middle market loan fund that is structured as a BDC and intends to be taxed as a RIC.

CION intends to target U.S. middle market companies (EBITDA of $50 million or less) with experienced management teams, significant free cash flow, strong competitive positions and potential for capital growth.

CION intends to focus primarily on investments in senior secured loans, which are typically situated at the top of the capital structure and carry the least risk among all investments in a company. This is because senior secured loans typically have a first claim on a company’s property, plant, equipment, inventory and cash flows.