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IPOs and other Offerings


Our focus is on understanding each client’s financial objectives and developing an effective strategy to maximize growth opportunities and investment outcomes. We conduct our business with integrity and fairness, which is the backbone of our culture and tradition.

Typically, institutional investors and wealthy or privileged clients of investment banks are the ones given the opportunity to invest in initial public offerings (IPOs).

 In 2012, Congress passed the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act, known as the JOBS Act, which greatly expanded entrepreneurs’ access to capital and investors’ ability to invest in smaller businesses and start-up companies.

 In 2015, the SEC finalized rules under Title IV of the JOBS Act, often referred to as Regulation A+, which allows companies to raise up to $50 million per year, and allows non-accredited investors the opportunity to invest in these companies, within certain limitations.

​Cambria believes that the future of investing is here, and desires to democratize capital raising by bringing investment opportunities to all investors – not just the most wealthy and privileged clients. As a Cambria client, you will likely have the opportunity to invest in IPOs and other Offerings. Accredited investors may also be able to participate in private placements. 


IPOs, Offerings, Private Placements, Crowd Financed Securities & Crowdfunding


IPOs & Offerings

My IPO is leveling the playing field by giving investors access to some of the most exciting IPOs and other Offerings!  Until now, only the privileged clients of investment banks, institutional investors or the wealthy had access to these opportunities



My IPO is an online offering platform

division of Cambria Capital, LLC.  


Offerings & Crowd Financed Securities

Invest directly in public and private offerings, private placements and crowd financed securities in public and private companies. We are inviting qualified individuals to participate in these opportunities on a level playing field.


BANQ is an online offering platform

division of Cambria Capital, LLC. 



Ready Round was created to give all investors the opportunity to invest in some of the most exciting, vetted, Crowdfunding Offerings! It's easy to use and equally easy to find others to invest in.

Ready Round is the Crowdfunding 

Portal division of Cambria Capital, LLC.


Full-Service Brokerage

Cambria Capital provides Full-Service Brokerage and Wealth Management to individuals, high net-worth families, partnerships, non-profit organizations and institutional clients.



Access Some of the Leading Asset Managers


Equity Strategies

Invest in proven equity strategies that have ranked in the top 9% of their respective classes by Morningstar®. Zacks Investment Management manages over 7 billion across a suite of award winning strategies. 

Zacks Investment Management is an independent Registered Investment Advisory firm and acts as an investment manager for individuals and institutions.


Hedging Strategies

Could 2020 be a volatile year in the stock market? Learn how to hedge your portfolio with Cambria Armor Investments. 


Sub-advised by Equity Armor Investments, LLC. Equity Armor Investments, LLC is a SEC Registered Investment Advisor under the Investment Advisors Act of 1940.



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