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Please contact us to choose the account that best suits you.

We can be reached at 877-226-0477 or email us at client services.


Managed Account

  • Required for Cambria Armor Series Strategies

  • Full-automated portfolio

  • Align your financial goals with your values

  • Tax-aware automated investing

  • Annual IRA Custodial Fee: $25 year (if applicable)

Advisory Fees
(Annual Fee, billed monthly)

  • 2.00% on assets between $0.00 to $50,000.00

  • 1.9% on assets between $50,000.000 to $250,000.00

  • 1.8% on assets between $250,000.00 to $500,000.0

  • 1.65% on assets between $500,000.00 to $1,000,000.00

  • 1.45% on assets over $1,000,000.00

Brokerage Fees

  • Commission-Free


Discount Trading Account

  • Required to participate in IPOs, Reg A+ and other offerings

  • Hold existing stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds

  • Trade single stock, ETFs and mutual funds

  • Annual IRA Custodial Fee: $25 (if applicable)

  • Discounted Trading Fees: $4.00 window orders, $10.00 market (1) limit orders and $4.00 Auto Investment orders

  • Annual Fee: $30; waived if account participates in at least (1) IPO, Reg A+ or other offering per year

The online application is currently only available for accounts cleared through Folio Investments, Inc. By selecting “Next” you understand the application being submitted is for a brokerage account introduced by Cambria Capital, LLC to Folio Investments, Inc. If you would like to open an account with Cambria Capital, LLC cleared through Apex Clearing, LLC, Axos Clearing, LLC or Vision Financial Markets. LLC please contact our office.

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